Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fairy Birthday Party - Wand cookie sticks

These magical fairy wands were a huge hit at Tia's party. And the great thing about them is that your child can help in the whole process of making them.

Here's what I used to make them:

  • Star shaped cookie cutter - mine came out of a playdough pack of cutters!

  • Sticks - I bought mine from http://www.littlecookies.co.nz/

  • Packet of Sweet Shortcrust pastry - I'm letting you in on my biggest cheat secret here!

  • White Icing / rolled fondant icing (there are a few different names for it) - bought in the local supermarket in the cake decorating section. It came in a box, ready to be coloured & used. Alternatively you could pipe the shape, but this way is easier!

  • Edible glitter - this is the most expensive part. I bought a little jar at spotlight but you'd be able to source it at good cake decorating or kitchen stores. Alternatively you could use sprinkles.

  • Curling ribbon - ie the stuff you put on presents. Bought at the $2 Shop!

  • Aluminium foil, clean little paint brush, rolling pin

Step 1 - Thaw the sweet shortcrust pastry & cut out your shapes

Step 2 - Very gently insert your stick inbetween two star points

Step 3 - Position a little bit of folded aluminium foil under each stick on the baking tray to prevent the stick from sitting flat on the tray. This helps the stick to stay a little straighter in the cooking process.

Step 4 - Back for about 7 minutes at 180 degrees. Cool on a baking tray.

Step 5 - Icing - you'll need to soften your fondant up by massaging it in your hands. Add a little bit of colour at a time until you get the shade you're after. I use Wilton gel colours which give a much more concentrated colour without the watery mess of cheaper colours. Sprinkle a little bit of icing sure on the bench & rolling pin before rolling out the icing thinly (prevents from sticking). Paint a little bit of water onto the cooled cookie before placing the icing shape on top.

Step 6 - Mix a tiny bit of icing sugar with water & paint it thinly ontop of the fondant. Sprinkle the glitter on top & let dry in an air tight container.

Step 7 - Decorate with curling ribbon or similiar

Step 8 - EAT & ENJOY!

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