Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fairy Birthday Party - fairy sticks

We've been so quiet on here of late. Sometimes life just overwhelms us & something has to give. This time around it has been blogging & creating new items for Made it Baby - sorry!

While Amy has been busy moving house I (Suzan) have been trying to jam as much time in with my eldest daughter before she started school today. Happy to report that both mum & daughter are fine & there's been no tears shed ... just yet!

Anyway, part of the mayhem has been planning Tia's 5th birthday party. Tia is loving all things pretty, pink & breakable so a fairy party it was! Sooooo many girls around this age request fairies as a theme so we thought we could share a few ideas that made yesterdays party so much fun.

Edible fairy sticks

These are not only super cute to look at but super sweet to eat!

Step 1: Buy a pack of lollipop sticks from a cake supply place. I bought mine here Little Cookies. Carefully stick a marshmallow on each stick.

Step 2: Melt some chocolate (I bought a packet of white choc drops) in a bowl either over boiling water or in the microwave. Don't over cook the choc. Just keep checking on it & stirring every now & then.

Step 3: Carefully dip the marshmallow stick into the melt chocolate. You can just do the top or cover the lot like we did.

Step 4: Either sprinkle 100's & 1000's (or sprinkles or whatever you call them!) over the top of the choc whilst still wet or pour a bunch of them into a bowl & dip the stick into it & twirl around to cover the choc.

Step 5: Place the fairy stick in upright in a sturdy cup until it dries. And you're all done!

If you have some spare time between your party planning, please drop by our store. We put as much love into our creations as we do our party planning!


  1. Fairy theme is the best option for pretty daughter's birthday parties. My cousin arranged a baby shower for her friend at one of the lovely Venues in San Francisco last week. Loved the matching draping with buntings. Quite excited to see the pictures of celebrations. Have heard a lot about the photographer hired for the celebration.


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