Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes - OhBaby photo shoot!

The week has arrived for the spring edition of OhBaby magazine (NZ ) to hit the newstands ... which means we can finally share our behind the scene view of our photo shoot!
Firstly we should back up a touch to give you the background. Amy & I were two months into selling our handcrafted kidswear when we received an email from the stylist of OhBaby asking if we'd allow them to include our spring range in their next issue. OF COURSE WE WOULD!!! I think we both nearly fell off our perches in excitment!

We didn't let on that we didn't actually HAVE a spring range apart from two garments in pretty pink rose fabrics. So a rushed trip to the local fabric store saw us buy armloads of co-ordinating rose-print fabrics. Next came a meeting where were drew up our ideas, delegated designs & parted ways with a stash of materials each.

The next few weeks are a somewhat blur of activity. Late nights in our respective sewing holes (Amy has a nook in her loungeroom & I have taken over our hallway) & days spent juggling kids & sewing. MAYHEM. Just to drum home the mayhem statement ... Check these photos out!

The first if of my daughter & her friend hiding in the spare room with my pin cushion. They thought it was the best game to cover the floor in these tiny, shiny things! Believe me, it took weeks to find all the pins after this little adventure!

The second photo is what was my loungeroom! Fabric strewn over every inch of
floor space - & the rest! (Anyone wanna volunteer to clean up after me?!?)

With sample pieces hot of the sewing machine we braved the cold winds & took our girls out to the park for a photo session. The day was COLD! The bigger girls seemed not to notice too much & had a great time flying their ribbon sticks & watching their skirts & dresses twirl. The little kids weren't as sure!

So that's where I'll leave this blog! Next post we'll share behind the scenes photos of the actual magazine shoot. There are some CLASSIC shots so be sure to come back to read more!
In the meantime, here's where you can buy our range of clothes, accessories, room decor & more...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Markets...come rain or shine!

Well, thanks to another shocking day in Auckland the concept of 'markets come rain or shine' was truly put to the test!

Braving the downpours - Suzan tackled the swamp style Coatsville markets.

The initial desire to retreat to a warm and dry location with a nice cup of coffee was put aside, and the stall was set up (gazebo with plastic walls in all).

To our great suprise, this ended up being our most successful market day to date - which we are very grateful for, as it makes it all worth while.

We extend our thanks to all the customers who came out to see us despite the weather.

Now to get those custom orders made.....

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