Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wind Swept Spring...

Why is it when ever you make plans to do something this case our own spring photo shoot...Auckland weather always manages to come out and play - and not in a good way!
We had cleared the day, and with previously glorious sunny days, thought our girls would be bathed in dappled sunlight as they danced through the daffodils at the park...alas this idyllic setting was far from what we actually experienced! The sun was absent, the wind was swirling and we gave up just as the rain started! So much for spring!
Our girls had to have their winter jackets on the sidelines to put on between shoots, but at least they had fun running through the flowers - and we did manage to grab a few classic shots!
We now have our very own little Marilyn Munroe - the wind had some fun with that skirt.
The spring will be launched this week (we have released a few items as teasers)- so be sure to keep a look out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Photo Session & Competition Details!

Amy & I spent a couple of ours with Franda of Yours Naturally (available @ photographing her beautiful boy Matthys & little friend Ava. What a delightful day!

Neither of us claim to be photographers but how could we NOT get cute photos with two gorgeous baby models?!? We LOVE little chubby hands & feet, double chins & tiny fat rolls (expect the ones on us!). So nice to see our cute spring outfits on Ava, little shark hoodie on Matthys & a range of onesies on both bubbas. Clothes always look cuter on babies!

Made It Baby are running a competition on Facebook - . We are asking for your funniest captions on our recent photographs. Open our Baby Photo Shoot photo album for full details. Be in it to win one of our new beanies!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Count-down to spring

Bring on Spring - we say!

It's oh-so-close that I can almost taste it! The daffodils that my girls planted months ago have finally started blooming, the days are getting slightly longer & the bitter winter chill is hopefully a thing of the past (ok, so that one is probably pushing it!).

made it baby is busy creating a new range for the new season. We hope to share some photos soon of the range of handmade dresses, tops, skirts, headbands, jewellery & room decor. As a teaser ... we're introducing masses of roses in gorgeous hues of greens & pinks. Full of sweetness & style for our gorgeous little girls!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spring Collection to be featured in a NZ magazine!

We are SO excited to have been approached by the stylist of Oh Baby magazine asking if she could use our spring range in their next issue! Not in our wildest dreams did we expect an approach this early on in our business life - we've only really been selling our handmade range for just over a month now!
This is the type of coverage that money just can't buy! We're still in a little bit of shock, and a whole lot of flurry with trying to come up with a comprehensive spring range. Suzan spent the day trawling the material shops with her two little helpers (2 & 4yr old daughters), whilst Amy stayed home with a sick little girl, dreaming up new items.
Overall, we are very confident that our spring collection will be just devine - full of florals & girly delights. Watch this space!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Perfect NZ Baby Gift Set

Our original little kiwi onesie has proved very popular and has been sent as far afield as England & Australia! To build on our love of kiwi's we are introducing a cute little gift set featuring an understated, stylish kiwi.

Gift set comprises:-

  • large, brushed cotton baby wrap. Trimmed in blue with a kiwi bird poking out of one corner

  • hand-dyed, 100% cotton all-in-one featuring a kiwi which wraps around the side of the top. Cute button-eye detail.

  • pair of hand dyed, 100% cotton mittens to keep the chill out & to stop unwanted scratches

If you love this set but would like it for a baby girl, please contact us. We have hand-dyed some onesies in a gorgeous dusky pink, and a set in lolly-pink. We could even do a unisex version to cater for the unknown!

Make sure you tell us where your little kiwi ends up in the world!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stunning hair clip display dress!

Price: $25

Keep track of hair clips and other momentoes with this eye catching display board dress!

This is as functional as it is funky - adding a touch of magic to any little girls room! Make a feature of their treasures by displaying them as you would a piece of art.

Made using layers of cotton, fleece and card for the bodice and tulle for the skirt - then finished beautifully with an assortment of gorgeous ribbons.

Measures: 60cm - from top of bodice to hem line

Made it Baby hair clips shown in these images are available separately.

Made it Baby products can also be custom made,
for more information on this process please contact us.

All designs are subject to copyright © 2009 Made it Baby. All rights reserved.

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