Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wind Swept Spring...

Why is it when ever you make plans to do something this case our own spring photo shoot...Auckland weather always manages to come out and play - and not in a good way!
We had cleared the day, and with previously glorious sunny days, thought our girls would be bathed in dappled sunlight as they danced through the daffodils at the park...alas this idyllic setting was far from what we actually experienced! The sun was absent, the wind was swirling and we gave up just as the rain started! So much for spring!
Our girls had to have their winter jackets on the sidelines to put on between shoots, but at least they had fun running through the flowers - and we did manage to grab a few classic shots!
We now have our very own little Marilyn Munroe - the wind had some fun with that skirt.
The spring will be launched this week (we have released a few items as teasers)- so be sure to keep a look out!

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