Sunday, February 21, 2010

New fabrics for little girls...

A sneak preview to the newest range coming soon! There is another colour in this range - but we need to have some secrets.

Dresses, tops, bedding and baskets - it's time for this vintage print to become all it can be. So keep your eyes peeled!

Bunting, Baskets & Bedding....

It seems it is the season for decorating bedrooms! We have been inundated with orders and enquiries for our bedding, bunting and baby moses baskets.

Bedding: from cot duvet covers & bumpers to sheet sets - we are always happy to try something new. Or latest designs have included boats and cowboys for the boys and girls designs are still to come.

Bunting: add to the theme with something special just for your little one. Personalised bunting adds the perfect touch - kids just love to see their name on the wall. Great for kids who share a room too!

Baskets: our maize moses baskets with 100% wool mattresses are the perfect first bed for baby and can be tied in together with the other items by using the same fabric themes (as the basket bumper can then be used in a cot).

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