Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spring Collection to be featured in a NZ magazine!

We are SO excited to have been approached by the stylist of Oh Baby magazine asking if she could use our spring range in their next issue! Not in our wildest dreams did we expect an approach this early on in our business life - we've only really been selling our handmade range for just over a month now!
This is the type of coverage that money just can't buy! We're still in a little bit of shock, and a whole lot of flurry with trying to come up with a comprehensive spring range. Suzan spent the day trawling the material shops with her two little helpers (2 & 4yr old daughters), whilst Amy stayed home with a sick little girl, dreaming up new items.
Overall, we are very confident that our spring collection will be just devine - full of florals & girly delights. Watch this space!

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