Sunday, May 2, 2010

New product in the making!

Cot Rail Guard/Protector....

We have had many requests for rail guards to match our bumpers and bedding that will protect the edge rail on your cots from little teething teeth.
After some designing - we are there!
Our first set was very well received, and so we will be making more soon. They fasten with Velcro along the whole length of the cot side, so it doesn't matter what the spacing of your bars are. We will make a standard size and list the way to measure your rail to ensure they fit. One of our lovely customers has an unusually thick top rail on her cot - and so in this case we will be custom making a set for her.
To begin with we will make them in co-ordinating colours and move onto prints with custom orders, so that they can tie in with everyones bedding sets.

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