Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's makin' it baby!

We thought it might be nice to add a new feature to our blog by taking a moment each Monday to talk about fun things to make and do with your little ones. Everything from party ideas & craft projects to outings & entertainment!

So lets start out with an oldie but a goodie to help with those rainy winter days just around the corner!


Many of you may remember many fun filled days involving the wonders of creating a stamp from scratch and painting up a storm! I know i do. Though in my case, the stamps were generally no more than a square, triangle or diamond, cut free hand by my mother. Here is a way to step it up a bit, by using all those mini cookie cutters to create an amazing array of shapes. Simply cut the potato in half and press the cutter into the flat edge. Then use a sharp knife to cut the excess potato away - leaving a raised stamp once the cutter is removed.
So the next time the rain is falling and the kids are in need of distraction - why not give this a go!

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